A life’s work in progress... This website is an outlet for the 3 facets of Rachael Komulainen, which are:  Animals, Music & Spirituality.  

The first facet is Animals.  Rachael has dedicated her life to making the planet better for our animal friends.  She has worked &/or volunteered with many different animal facilities over the years--working with large cats, other mammals, livestock, reptiles, arachnids and birds of prey.  In addition, she had her own mobile animal education business for 3 years called Sydney’s Legacy.  Its mission:  “To teach the relevance of all animals in the ecosystem.” At the end of 2012, she suspended the business in order to focus on another employment opportunity working with animals.  Ultimately, her vision is to one day re-open & expand Sydney’s Legacy to include an educationally-based rescue sanctuary, where a wide range of rescued animals can aid humanity in the better understanding and importance of co-existence.   (**Sydney’s Legacy educational programs are NOT available at this time.) 

The second facet is Music.  Music is ethereal and can be enjoyed equally by all.  Rachael believes that besides animals, music is the other great healer for us all.  She has been involved in many areas of music, including:  singing, playing instruments, and performing in musical theatre & in dance companies.  Since January 2011, she has been a member of the band Weatherwood.  She sings both lead & back-up vocals, and plays the drums. Starting in late 2012, the band began making videos to original music and then placing them on:  www.youtube.com  To view the videos, put “band Weatherwood” in the search browser; OR go to:  www.budkucia.com and click on ‘links’ and then ‘Weatherwood music videos’ to view.

The third facet is Spirituality.  Rachael is clairvoyant and is an intuitive healer.  She performs Spiritual Life Coaching for others in need of healing &/or guidance.  Her main helpers from the Spiritual Plane are Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael.  In addition, she has written a book (with the generous help of her guides & angels).  **As of August 2014, it is available for purchase through Amazon or Barnes&Noble (paperback or iPad version).  It is called:  “I’M AN AMBASSADOR:  MY LESSONS IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH.”  Please go to the following webpage for more information:  

Quote:  “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  -Gandhi